Student Systems

Undo null sit and process new results

Follow this guidance for the best way to undo a null sit and process new course results.

Null sit students should have a ratified and published NS grade on their record (see Record a null sit).

After the student has re-sat the assessments you can undo the null sit, enter new marks and calculate a new result.

Students resitting a different assessment structure

Please note - the process descibed below can only be followed if the student is resitting assessments that are the same as the main course structure.

If the student is sitting a different assessment or structure, e.g. exam is now worth 100%, you need to calculate the result outside the system.

When you have the new course result enter this in the student's little i button. For guidance please see Change the final course result.

How to undo a null sit and process new results

Process with screenshots

Process summary

  1. Go to Process Course Results and filter the 'Current sit' to 'Null sit'
  2. Select students and Unratify
    • Check the information in the pop up box and click Continue
  3. Enter new marks for the students
    • You can do this in either Enter Marks or through the student's little i button
    • In the Enter Marks screen you can use any of the entry methods (grid entry, import marks etc.) and only those unratified students will appear in the list
    • When selecting a mark change reason you can choose 'Replacing null sit mark' or 'Special circumstances'
    • See Changing marks for more guidance
  4. Go to Process Course Results and filter the 'Current sit' to 'Null sit'
  5. Select students and Reset to calculated result
    • This will recalculate the students to a result based on their new marks
  6. Select students and Ratify
  7. Select students and Publish

Next steps

The new result will now appear on the student's EUCLID account.