Student Systems

Null sits

A null sit is a decision that means the assessment attempt doesn't count and therefore doesn't contribute to the maximum number of attempts allowed. Record a null sit using the NS grade.

A null sit may also be referred to as "resitting as a first attempt".

The guidance below covers how to record a null sit and then how to undo the null sit in order to enter new marks and process a new result. 

Note: if the student is already in resit and you need to change it to null sit instead then start by undoing the resit. For guidance see Undo resits

Record a null sit

Record a null sit by changing the student's grade to NS. You can do this for multiple students at once from the Process Course Results screen or for an individual student in their little i button.

Undo null sit and process new results

Follow this guidance for the best way to undo a null sit and process new course results.

Null sits on the Course Board Report

Use the "Course Board Report - Resits" to display both resit at second attempt and null sit students.