Student Systems

External Examiner Reporting System (EERS)

Use our External Examiners Reporting System (EERS) software to process and analyse external examiner reports.

  • Please note that for all External Examiners who are responsible¬†for multiple courses you will need to include the course code for the course you are writing a comment for in your report. This will allow administrative to identify which comments belong to which courses more easily.


EERS: explained

Guidance summarising the External Examiner Reports System (EERS) software process and roles.

External examiners setting up terms and coverage

Guidance on setting the terms and coverage details in the updated external examiners role

School Key Contacts

Information for school key contacts when navigating EERS

College Key Contacts

Guidance for College Key Contacts in EERS

Payment Administrators

Guidance for Payment Administrators when navigating EERS


Guidance for Readers when navigating EERS

External Examiners

Guidance for External Examiners when navigating EERS