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Asylum Seeker Tuition Fee Status and Scholarship

The University of Edinburgh has made the decision to classify students seeking asylum from within the United Kingdom as equivalent to ‘Scottish domiciled’ for tuition fee purposes in the event of their admission to undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in session 2020-2021.

In order for us to consider you for 'Home' tuition fee status, you or your parent/guardian should have already submitted a claim for asylum to the Home Office and not yet received a decision from the Home Office on that application.

Students who have already started their programme of study at the University of Edinburgh will not be eligible for a reassessment of their tuition fees status.

If your asylum claim has been successful and you have been granted Refugee status, you will not be eligible for an Asylum Seeker Scholarship.

What you need to do

Please read the following instructions 

Apply for admission

Before we can assess your tuition fee status, you should have applied for admission to a degree programme at this University commencing in 2020-2021.

Undergraduate Admission

Postgraduate Admission

Supporting statement

You will be asked to provide a supporting statement  from your legal representative or the charitable body representing your case in the UK.

This supporting statement should provide details of your current immigration status and an indication of timescales for the Home Office decision on your asylum claim.

This statement should be sent by email to the Fees and Student Support Team to support your fee status assessment -


Applications will not be considered without this supporting documentation. 


Applicants will be notified of their fee status review after receipt of their supporting statement.

Please note we will contact your representative by email before the start of each academic session requesting an update on your claim and your current immigration status.

Change of Status

Please note if your status changes at any point prior to or during your studies, you must notify the Fees and Student Support Team immediately regarding your change in status.

University of Edinburgh Asylum Seeker Scholarships

The University will offer tuition fee and living cost support to those most in need who are seeking asylum.

For students commencing study at the University in session 2020-2021 the University will offer up to

  • One undergraduate scholarship; and 
  • Two postgraduate Masters scholarships

Each scholarship will cover the 'Home' rate of fee and provide a stipend.


In August the University will contact all eligible applicants who have received an offer to commence a programme of study at the University in September 2020 and ask for further information to help us assess their award entitlement.

English for Academic Purposes

English Language Education is offering 12 scholarship places to refugees or asylum seekers on their full-time summer pre-sessional courses. These courses help students to improve their language skills to enable them to enter degree programmes across the university. Information about how to apply for these funded places will be available on the their website.

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