Student Administration

Replacement University of Edinburgh Degree Certificates

University of Edinburgh graduates can order replacement degree certificates for those stolen, damaged or lost.

Replacements cost £30.00 (including VAT, postage and packaging). Proof of identity is required to support your application for a replacement degree certificate. When you have placed your order and made payment, you will receive an email with full instructions on how to provide this.

If the process is incomplete after 5 working days then your order will be cancelled. The fees associated with the order are non-refundable.

If your name is the same as when you graduated, you may submit copies of the following: passport (personal details page), driver's licence or birth certificate.

If your name has changed since you graduated your application must be accompanied by either a copy of a marriage certificate or a Deed Poll certificate.

Graduates of Edinburgh College of Art prior to August 2011 (whose original degree was not validated by the University of Edinburgh) should contact Edinburgh College of Art directly, for guidance

We ask you to note that:

This service is only for graduates of the University of Edinburgh.

Replacements will only be issued where the original document is permanently lost, damaged or stolen - and not where it is temporarily mislaid or inaccessible.

Replacements will bear the name of the graduate as they were known at the time of graduation. Names cannot be changed retrospectively (unless the name change is related to a gender reassignment).

Replacements will carry the following statement “This is a certified duplicate degree certificate, re-issued on 00/00/0000”.  The above signatories may replace those recorded on the original certificate."

Replacements cannot be issued for graduates who received their degree prior to 1989.

Only one replacement can be ordered and certificates will only be sent directly to the applicant and not to a third party.

Should you need to contact the Student Services Team please do so via email, fax (0131) 651 4066 or telephone (0131) 650 2845.