Ruminant functional genomics

The Goat 'Mini-Atlas' Project

We have built a 'mini-atlas' of gene expression for the domestic goat using RNA-Sequencing.


Two goats
Goats are an important livestock species, particularly in tropical countries where they represent a key route out of poverty

From the sheep gene expression atlas we we were able to see that from a small number of tissues we could capture the majority of the transcriptome and we used this concept to build the 'mini-atlas' for goats.

The dataset includes 54 libraries from a subset of 22 different tissues from eight individual goats, which are available via the FAANG data portal.

The Ensembl farmed and companion animal genome portal team used our goat 'mini-atlas' dataset to annotate the new highly contiguous assembly for goat ARS1.

The goat 'mini-atlas' was led by Charity Muriuki a Newton Fund Kenya PhD student in the lab. 


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The goat genome (ARS1) is available via the Ensembl genome portal

The goat 'mini-atlas' is available via the FAANG data portal