Ruminant functional genomics

The Sheep Gene Expression Atlas

We have created an atlas of gene expression for the domestic sheep

To support functional annotation of the sheep genome (currently, Oar v3.1) we have produced a high-resolution atlas of gene expression from a comprehensive set of sheep tissues and cell types from multiple developmental stages.

Gene to gene network graph of the sheep atlas dataset
The sheep gene expression atlas visualised as a gene to gene network graph

The sheep gene expression atlas was published in PLoS Genetics in 2017, providing a model transcriptome for ruminants.

Since then we have produced several satellite manuscripts describing:


The sheep gene expression atlas is available as an open source searchable database on the gene annotation portal BioGPS, providing a valuable resource for the livestock genomics community.


The dataset provides a foundation for linking gene expression information with complex traits in sheep to improve productivity. By generating large-scale functional genomics datasets from livestock we can harness functional variation and turn it into sustainable genetic gain.


The Sheep Gene Expression Atlas was funded by BBSRC responsive mode grant BB/L001209/1 awarded to Professor David Hume entitled ‘Functional Annotation of the Sheep Genome’.


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