Institute for Regeneration and Repair

What we do

The Institute for Regeneration and Repair (IRR) seeks to understand stem cell biology, inflammation and disease to develop new therapies to heal damaged tissues and improve reproductive outcomes. 

IRR is a new research institute incorporating the world leading Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM), Centre for Inflammation Research (CIR) and Centre for Reproductive Health (CRH). It is located on the Edinburgh BioQuarter site.

Repairing damage by disease and injury

Our clinicians and scientists study major diseases including cancer, heart and lung disease, liver failure, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's as well as reproductive health. We are currently undertaking a cell therapy clinical trial for Liver Cirrhosis. We bring together stem cell biology, regenerative medicine and matrix and inflammation biology to understand and promote tissue regeneration and repair. 

Translation to therapies

With its proximity to an NHS teaching hospital, top class Clinical Research Facilities, business bioincubator Nine Edinburgh BioQuarter, and an integrated Cell Therapy facility, IRR is ideally placed to develop new regenerative therapies to repair tissue damage caused by disease and injury. 

IRR is housed in two state of the art research buildings with capacity for over 1,000 staff and students.   

The IRR is a cross-disciplinary collaboration which is part of the University of Edinburgh College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine and College of Science and Engineering (School of Biomedical Sciences).  

What is tissue regeneration and repair?

Our researchers seek to understand the mechanisms controlling tissue regeneration (the restoration of normal tissue architecture and function) and repair (adaptation of a tissue after injury without exact replacement of lost tissue) and exploit this understanding to promote the healing of damaged tissues caused by disease and injury.

Centre for Regenerative Medicine 

Centre for Inflammation Research

Centre for Reproductive Health

Edinburgh BioQuarter