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Name Role Business unit(s)
Professor Thomas Ahnert Professor of Intellectual History; History
Sanni Ahonen Teaching and Assessment Administrator
Jackie Aim Interactive Content Developer
Jonathan Ainslie
Rebecca Ainslie
Mrs Kate Ainsworth VTO Postgraduate Manager
Dr Bill Aird Senior Lecturer; Medieval History
Lisa Aird Administration Support (LARIF)
Rhona Aird Research Assistant
Mr Archie Aitchison Relief Shepherd – Animal Technician
Gregor Aitchison Research Technician
Adam Aitken Stores Assistant
Debbie Aitken Senior Lecturer in Medical Education & Director of Clinical Educator Programme
Emma Aitken Research Technician
Professor Gill Aitken Director Postgraduate Medical Education
Lauren Aitken Animal Care Assistant
Sheila Aitken Veterinary Nurse (Surgical)
Dr Stuart Aitken Bioinformatician
Professor Tim Aitman Chair of Molecular Pathology and Genetics
Dr. Norman Ajari Lecturer in Francophone Black Studies