Rebecca Ainslie (MScR, Bsc (Hons))

Thesis title: Defining the impact of androgens on uterine immune cell function during endometrial tissue repair


Rebecca is a MRC DTP Precision Medicine PhD student based at the University of Edinburgh with a secondary supervisor at the Karolinska Institute.

Rebecca graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2020 with a Honours degree in Biological Sciences (Immunology). Rebecca then completed a Masters by Research degree in Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences) where she graduated with distinction in 2021 after carrying out two research projects in areas of biology including cancer biology and reproductive immunology. Prior to commencing her PhD studies in September 2022, Rebecca worked as a Research Technician for a year in the Gibson lab at the Centre for Inflammation research, University of Edinburgh.


Bsc (Hons) Biological Sciences (Immunology)

MScR Biomedical Sciences (Life Sciences)

Research summary

Immunology, reproductive biology and endocrinology.

Current research interests

Rebecca's PhD project will investigate the impact of androgens on uterine immune cell function during endometrial repair. This will be assessed by performing phenotypic and transcriptomic characterisation of uterine immune cells using a mouse model of endometrial repair combined with genetic and pharmacologic manipulation of androgen signalling. These insights will be supported by translational studies assessing expression of phenotypic markers of immune dysfunction identified by mouse studies in human endometrial tissues. Collectively, these studies will provide unique insights into the mechanisms that contribute to dysregulated endometrial repair and provide new opportunities for future therapeutic targeting.