Dr. Norman Ajari

Lecturer in Francophone Black Studies


I am a French and American philosopher. Before becoming a Lecturer in Francophone Black Studies at the University of Edinburgh, I served as an Assistant Professor of philosophy at Villanova University, in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I specialize in the history of Francophone and Anglophone Black thought, social and political philosophy, Critical Race Theory and Black male studies. I am also an occasional art critic and political commentator.

My first book, Dignity or Death: Ethics and politics of race (Polity, 2022) developed a critique of continental philosophy from the perspective of the Black radical tradition. It is also available in French and Spanish. My second book, Noirceur: Race, genre, classe et pessimisme dans la pensée africaine-américaine au XXIe siecle (Divergences, 2022) reflects on the contemporary resurgence of a long tradition of Black radical pessimism under the guise of contemporary African-American intellectual movements such as Afropessimism and Black Male Studies.  




Ph.D. (Philosophy): Université de Toulouse - Jean Jaures, 2015.

M.A. (Philosophy): Université de Toulouse - Jean Jaures, 2011.

B.A. (Communication studies): Université de Metz, 2009.

B.A. (Philosophy): Université du Luxembourg, 2009.

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