Drinking Coffee, Thinking Coffee: philosophical discussions over coffee

Philosophy researchers are teaming up with baristas to marry philosophical discussions and coffee tastings

Hot milk pouring from a steel jug into a cup of coffee

Philosophers in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences (PPLS) are running three evening events exploring coffee with Artisan Roast Bruntsfield.

Artisan Roast Coffee Roasters | Bruntsfield Cafe

Each event will include coffee tastings, as well as themed talks from a barista and a philosopher. 

Why we like it

On Monday 1 July, Dr Sophie Keeling will discuss the philosophy of psychology and how factors such as our individual preferences and surroundings have a role to play. Artisan Roasts' baristas will explore why we like certain types of coffee and demonstrate how different cups can change our taste perceptions.

Drinking Coffee, Thinking Coffee: Why we like it | Artisan Roast 

Sophie is a Teaching Fellow in Philosophy and researches issues such as self-knowledge, reasons and rationality.

Sophie Keeling

Coffee and art

On Monday 8 July, Dr Tom Baker will discuss the philosophy of aesthetics by looking at art in our everyday lives, whilst the baristas will showcase latte art.

Drinking Coffee, Thinking Coffee: Art | Artisan Roast 

Tom is a Teaching Fellow in Philosophy and looks at how topics such as attention and perception can inform discussions in philosophical aesthetics.

Tom Baker

Coffee and time

On Monday 15 July, Dr Alasdair Richmond will introduce you the philosophy of time travel, whilst the baristas will discuss how time affects coffee, such as how the taste of the same cup of coffee changes over time.

Drinking Coffee, Thinking Coffee: Time | Artisan Roast

Alasdair is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and his research is focused on metaphysics (especially time and space), philosophy of science, as well as Hume and miracles.

Alasdair Richmond