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Linguists and physicists team up to uncover the forces that shape grammar

Funding received to understand factors such as communicative need, social aspects and learning biases.

Navigating misinformation: How linguistics can help

Dr Chris Cummins
Dr Chris Cummins’ research examines how even the most perceptive member of the public can be led astray by politicians, advertisers or social media companies employing techniques like deflection, denial and polarisation, and how linguistics can help.

Celebrating student success: PhD students organise successful international linguistics conference

lelpgc2023-overview image
The University of Edinburgh Linguistics and English Language Postgraduate Conference (LELPGC), which is open to graduates from across the globe, is in its 29th year.

Are you interested in finding out more about linguistic theory? Join our Meaning & Grammar Group (MGRG)

Meaning & Grammar Group (MGRG) social
Learn about one of the School’s most active postgraduate student groups, how you can get involved and how you too can benefit from the Student & Staff Initiative Fund.

New report finds accents still act as a barrier to social mobility

The report, co-produced by Linguistics lecturer Dr Christian Ilbury highlights a clear link between accents, socioeconomic background and social mobility.

PPLS graduate publishes book on adoption

The new book co-authored by Linguistics graduate Hannah Feben-Smith is available for purchase now.

PPLS Professor to deliver talk on the evolution of language

Professor Simon Kirby will deliver his talk “How do languages evolve?” to an online audience in an event next week, organised by The Garden.

Success for PPLS student at Young Scot Awards

Linguistics student Hannah Feben-Smith wins at 2022 Young Scot Awards.

Rector Debora Kayembe's Inaugural Lecture

Rector Debora Kayembe's Inaugural Lecture now available.

Bilingualism Matters to be launched as spin-out

After being part of the University of Edinburgh’s landscape for almost 15 years, we are pleased to announce that Bilingualism Matters will launch as a spin-out company.