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Edinburgh Multilingual Stories Festival

A new festival is celebrating Edinburgh’s linguistic diversity, with Bilingualism Matters as a founding partner

Scots Wird Hunt at Edinburgh Libraries

A magnifying glass hovers over a Scots Dictionary entry for "Wird" (Word)
University linguists team up with Scottish Language Dictionaries and local Scots speakers to illuminate the language's rich history

Clues that suggest lying may be deceptive

False true
The verbal and physical signs of lying are harder to detect than people believe, a study suggests

Baby talk words build language skills

The more baby talk words that infants are exposed to the quicker they grasp language, a study suggests.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Languages, love and feminist philosophy

PPLS researchers at the Fringe - promotional artwork for shows
Researchers from the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences will take the stage at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Linguistics professor to inspire new generation of students at Summer Showcase

Geoff Pullum will make the case for why the study of linguistics matters at the British Academy event for schools and colleges

Edinburgh undergraduate linguistics conference is a huge success

ULAB 2018
Students from the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences organised the sell-out 2018 conference for the Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain (ULAB)

Edinburgh International Science Festival: Am I really speaking?

Letters for language
Create your own language with researchers from the Centre for Language Evolution and learn how bilingualism can help children’s development with Antonella Sorace at the 2018 Edinburgh International Science Festival

Cognitive Science Society elects linguistics professor to Governing Board

Kenny Smith is appointed to the Cognitive Science Society Governing Board

Linguistic Society of America Award honours lecturer

Jennifer Culbertson is co-author of paper winning the Best Paper in Language 2017 Award