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Primary school pupils learn about language evolution and how the brain works at Midlothian Science Festival 2021

Hundreds of primary school pupils will learn about language evolution and how the brain processes information from the environment with our senses at Midlothian Science Festival Programme for Schools

Visionary research celebrated with Fellowships

Composite image of the six academics who received the government fellowship.
Six Edinburgh academics have been announced as recipients of a government fellowship to propel research tackling global challenges and to bring innovative ideas to market

Seminars spotlight subjects’ shared language

Secondary pupils are being invited to explore the similarities between language learning and mathematical problem solving in seminars involving Edinburgh experts.

Linguists debate bilingualism and the limits of speech at the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas

logo for the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas
Linguistics researchers Professor Antonella Sorace and Dr Rebekka Puderbaugh are taking the stage at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Linguistics professor awarded €2.5M of EU funding

Professor Alice Turk has been awarded a prestigious European funding award to advance the work of world-leading researchers.

Infants’ language more advanced than first words

Babies can recognise combinations of words even before they have uttered their first word, a study suggests, challenging ideas of how children learn language.

Edinburgh’s Bilingualism Matters centre highly successful in changing international debate on multilingualism

Multilingualism research centre reports successes in highlighting the benefits of speaking more than one language

Linguistics Professor and Director of Bilingualism Matters elected as Fellow of the British Academy

British Academy building
Linguistics Professor Antonella Sorace joins the 2020 cohort of elected Fellows of the distinguished British Academy

Music record inventively illuminates research into the evolution of words relating to “light”

Sing the Gloaming record sleeve
Professor Simon Kirby collaborated with artists & musicians around Scotland to create ‘Sing the Gloaming,’ a vinyl record of experimental music grounded in research

Linguistics & English Language Professor part of project rebuilding people's lost voices

Woman using laptop with microphone
People who have lost, or are at risk of losing, their voice due to a medical condition are set to be helped by a new spin-out company that will create a personalised synthetic version of their voice.