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Are you interested in finding out more about linguistic theory? Join our Meaning & Grammar Group (MGRG)

Learn about one of the School’s most active postgraduate student groups, how you can get involved and how you too can benefit from the Student & Staff Initiative Fund.

Meaning & Grammar Group (MGRG) social

Meaning and Grammar Research Group (MGRG)

The Meaning and Grammar Research Group (MGRG) is open to PhD students and staff working on core areas of linguistic theory (including syntax, semantics, pragmatics, morphology and the interface between those areas) and for any postgraduate students interested in the field.

The group runs a seminar series featuring original research from internal and external speakers. The seminars are often followed by post-talk dinners.

This event series is supported by the PPLS Student & Staff Initiative Fund.

Why get involved?

  • MGRG is a friendly, welcoming and inclusive group.
  • The informal nature of the events give the audience a great opportunity to discuss and debate research.
  • The post-talk dinners offer members a unique opportunity to discuss the topic of the talks further with the speakers, and provide a platform for student members to network, both with each other and with staff.

How to get involved?

Visit the MGRG events page, linked below, for the most up-to-date information on the seminar series.

The PPLS Student & Staff Initiative Fund (SSIF)

Thanks to the generous funding from the Student Initiative Fund, last year we were able to organise a number of dinners following our talks as well as host external speakers, and the events proved very successful. These kinds of meeting places are especially valuable given the lack of such opportunities in the last two and a half years and we could see that it made a noticeable difference to the sense of student-staff community.

Zack SituMGRG organiser

The SSIF fund is open to ALL students, and staff, studying or working on degrees owned by the School of PPLS.

Applicants can apply for funding towards an event or initiative that will benefit the student and/or student staff community.

For more information, contact:

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