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A look inside the University to catch up with members of staff you might remember and current innovators in teaching, research and student life.

A question of robotics

Dr. Subramanian Ramamoorthy
Robotics expert Dr Subramanian Ramamoorthy reveals his passion for artificial intelligence and how he will bring it to Wigtown's Big Bang Weekend in February.

Ambitious futures

Elisa Chirico
Elisa Chirico is a recent Edinburgh graduate of Chinese, and is currently working with the Development and Alumni team as part of the Ambitious Futures graduate training programme.

Inspired to help

Rad Sargeant
Alumnus Rad Sargeant was inspired to study at Edinburgh by Scottish teachers and an interest in the country's landscape. He now works at the Universities IS Help Services Section focusing on IT Support.

Supporting great teaching

Daphne Loads
Daphne Loads's role involves supporting and developing initiatives - many of which are supported by alumni donations - that ensure teaching at Edinburgh remains innovative.

Collaboration in neuroscience

Professor Mike Cousin
Alumnus Professor Mike Cousin is the University's Chair of Neuronal Cell Biology and Head of Pre-Clinical Research at the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre. He guides us through his background, career and love of collaboration.

Supporting employability

Jenni Dixon
Jenni Dixon's role at the University involves creating employment experience and opportunities for both students and graduates, while ensuring she enjoys a healthy work-life balance.

Innovation in finance

Lee Hamill
Lee Hamill is the University's award-winning Deputy Director of Finance. An Edinburgh alumnus, he tells us about his time working on the 2012 Olympic Games, and how he and his team donate one working day every year to good causes.

Investigating the ageing brain

Tara Spires-Jones
We talk to Dr Tara Spires Jones, Chancellor’s Fellow and interim Director of the Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems. Her research group studies brain changes in ageing and neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's.

Championing Gaelic

Bria Mason
Bria Mason graduated from Edinburgh in 2009 with an MA in Celtic. She now works at the University as Gaelic and External Affairs Officer, and tells us about her education and current role.

Pride in his work

Manos Farsarakis
Manos Farsarakis graduated with a masters in High Performance Computing in 2014, and now works as an Applications Consultant at EPCC, the University’s centre for supercomputers. He explains how he juggles this with his additional role within the Staff Pride Network.

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