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Dr Hazel Christie graduated from the University with a Masters in Geography, and now works to ensure students and staff get the most from teaching.

Hazel Christie

My background

I came to the University to study for a degree in Business Studies and Accountancy but quickly discovered that there was a whole world of work out there for graduates with good degrees who could demonstrate a range of critical and analytical skills. I learned that if I wanted to succeed I needed to be passionate about what I was studying, so I transferred to a degree in Geography. That change was the making of me and I’m especially indebted to my then Director of Studies, Liz Bondi, for spotting my potential and for nurturing and supporting my career. I found her incredibly inspiring as a teacher and wanted to be like her! I’ve had a very conventional academic career – a PhD at Cambridge followed by several different lecturing roles at various universities in Scotland – and Liz has been a constant in that. Best of all, she’s become a good friend and still offers wise counsel when I need it. 

At Edinburgh

I’m based in the Institute for Academic Development where I’m a Lecturer in University Learning and Teaching. My major role is Programme Director for the Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice. This is a professional course for people interested in developing their careers in higher education and the majority of my students are staff, and hence colleagues, here at the University. It’s incredible to work with colleagues on the Programme – they are so knowledgeable, energetic, enthusiastic and committed to their roles. I particularly love the interest they have in their students and in thinking about how best to create the high quality learning environments that help our students to excel here at the University. One of the great things about the Programme is the opportunities it brings for colleagues to network and share ideas about the practices used in their schools. I find it especially inspiring to hear about all of the exciting things our staff are doing in their classrooms, and it’s really rewarding to have a hand in supporting others to learn from those experiences. 

Something I know...

The Institute for Academic Development harbours a number of staff who, like me, have come from the School of Geosciences. We’re a talented bunch! 

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