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A Level Accelerated Curriculum

Information for candidates who are considering taking A Level examinations early.

The University welcomes the flexibility allowed by the A Level Accelerated Curriculum, however early presentation for examinations may not always be in the best interest of the student. This is especially the case if it leads them to achieve lower grades than they might otherwise achieve if examinations were to be taken later.

The University provides its students with a broad-based education in the Scottish tradition. As such it is essential that, through their entry qualifications, applicants are able to demonstrate that they will have the ability to cope with the breadth, depth and volume of study that will be expected of them in their first and subsequent years.

The University does not use the UCAS tariff and entry requirements and offers are expressed in terms of grades, not tariff points.

The University's Policy on Accelerated Curriculum

  • The University accepts and welcomes the flexibility allowed by the Accelerated Curriculum in the hope that this will better meet the needs of individual students and will lead to an improved educational experience for students.
  • The University supports developments which encourage breadth in a student’s curriculum.
  • The University does not wish to advantage or disadvantage students whether they are, or are not, undertaking an accelerated curriculum.
  • The University would only wish to encourage the early sitting of examinations where it is clear this is in the student’s best interests.
  • The University values breadth of study and as a result normally expects students to have studied for a minimum of three A Levels. Where a particular subject is required at A Level for entry an AS Level will not be sufficient to meet that requirement.
  • The workload should ensure a minimum of three examinations in the final year of school or college. This would normally be in the form of three A2 examinations.
  • In some, if not all, degree programmes maturity is particularly important and students may be best advised to remain in school until the end of Year 13/Upper Sixth or consider options for gap years, rather than coming from Year 12/Lower Sixth or earlier.
  • The University will give recognition to students taking early AS or A Levels, but would still expect that student to take a minimum of three A2 Levels in one academic year and to perform satisfactorily across all subjects.
  • In order to demonstrate the breadth of study required for undergraduate Medicine, the University will normally require four subjects studied to AS and three of these subjects studied to A2 within a two-year period.
  • The University would encourage students to seek advice before committing to a particular diet of examinations to ensure that it would meet the requirements of their intended programme of University study.

Further information

Further information relating to the policy in place for individual programmes may be obtained by contacting the relevant Admissions Office.

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