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AQA Baccalaureate

Entry requirements for applicants with AQA Baccalaureate qualifications.

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If you are studying the AQA Baccalaureate, we require you to achieve specified grades in the three approved A Levels within your Baccalaureate.

If you are applying for medicine, you will be required to achieve specified grades in the three A Levels and the AS Level in Critical Thinking within your Baccalaureate; AS Level General Studies and Citizenship are not accepted.

Please contact us for more detailed information on entry requirements

GCSEs required for entry

We require you to achieve at least GCSE level in some subjects.

GCSE requirements

Entry requirements

You should have achieved (or be predicted to achieve) our entry requirements, including required subjects, for the degree you have applied for.

For some degrees, we may be able to consider all applicants who meet the entry requirements. For highly selective degrees we may only be able to consider candidates who exceed the requirements, as these degrees attract many highly qualified applicants.

You can use our degree finder to find entry requirements.

Degree finder

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