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The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine has a proactive approach to internationalisation. This page contains a number of links to international strategy and activities within the College and the University as a whole.

The College’s stated aim is “To be global in our aspirations, impact and dimensions, to the benefit of the University community and society as a whole.” This is nothing new; the first ever Chinese graduate from a European University, Huang Kuan from Guangdong, graduated from Edinburgh as a Doctor of Medicine in 1855. Hu Tsiang-Pih studied veterinary medicine in Edinburgh, graduating in 1940. Today, the College has collaborative projects in research and education with prestigious universities and institutes across the world, and has large numbers of international students.

Oversight of international projects comes under the remit of the CMVM International Executive, chaired by the International Dean, Jeremy Bradshaw. He also represents the College on the University’s Internationalisation Executive, chaired by the Vice Principal International, Steve Hillier.

CMVM International Executive

The Edinburgh Global website has information about the University’s internationalisation strategy, including regional focus groups, regional deans, global academies and a database of links with institutions around the world. There is also guidance on the establishment of a new link with an international institution.

Edinburgh Global

The University of Edinburgh is a member of Universitas 21 and LERU. CMVM is a member of EuroLife

Universitas 21

LERU (League of European Research Universities)


The Polish School of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh

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