College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine


The University of Edinburgh has a long history as one of the best medical institutions in the world.

Medicine at the University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh was founded in 1583 by the Town Council of Edinburgh as the first civic university in Britain.

Historic alumni

Jex Blake plaque
The College's alumni includes groundbreaking, brilliant and sometimes eccentric individuals - from Charles Darwin to Sophia Jex-Blake.


Inglis plaque
Remarkable women at the University of Edinburgh overcame considerable adversity to become drivers of equality and medical excellence.

Burke and Hare

William Burke's skeleton
The Burke and Hare murders in Edinburgh's West Port were infamous and destroyed the career of University of Edinburgh anatomist Robert Knox.

The Polish School of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh (1941-1949)

Polish workers sculpture
The establishment of the Polish School of Medicine in March 1941 was a unique wartime academic initiative.