Institute of Genetics and Cancer
Institute of Genetics and Cancer

News 2013

An archive of IGMM News from 2013

Islanders to play crucial role in bid to beat killer diseases

IGMM News 2013: Islanders
Shetland residents are at the forefront of research efforts to pinpoint the causes of heart disease, stroke and diabetes: February 2013

Edinburgh Super-Resolution Imaging Consortium (ESRIC) PhD Studentships

Image from the Super Resolution Imaging Consortium
Beginning September 2013 - Two fully-funded 3 year PhD Studentships in high-resolution biological imaging: March 2013

Chancellor's Fellowships

IGMM News 2013: Chancellor's Fellowships
Exciting opportunities for talented postdoctoral scientists at the MRC IGMM: April 2013

Systems Medicine Building

IGMM Architects Drawing
A Brief Description of the Project and New Building: May 2013

IN PICTURES: Inside the heart

Inside the Heart Entry
Scientists nationwide submitted videos and images, documenting their research of the heart: July 2013

Athena Swan Bid

IGMM News 2013: Athena SWAN
IGMM to apply for an Athena SWAN Bronze Award: August 2013

Visit of Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal

Chancellor's Visit - Welcome
Princess Anne visits the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre: October 2013

ECDU and Edinburgh University have sealed a deal with the American drugs Giant Eli Lilly

Neil Carragher's Lab
Edinburgh Cancer Discovery Unit make a deal to develop new drugs to fight cancer: October 2013

3D insight into role of genetics in face development

3D Insight into genetic development
A recent study led by scientists from our MRC Human Genetics Unit, has shown that differences in the activity of gene enhancers drive subtle variation in facial development: November 2013

Promotions and Awards 2013

Promotions and Awards
IGMM researchers recognised for outstanding work: December 2013