Institute of Genetics and Cancer

News 2013

An archive of IGMM News from 2013

Islanders to play crucial role in bid to beat killer diseases

IGMM News 2013: Islanders
Shetland residents are at the forefront of research efforts to pinpoint the causes of heart disease, stroke and diabetes: February 2013

Edinburgh Super-Resolution Imaging Consortium (ESRIC) PhD Studentships

Image from the Super Resolution Imaging Consortium
Beginning September 2013 - Two fully-funded 3 year PhD Studentships in high-resolution biological imaging: March 2013

Chancellor's Fellowships

IGMM News 2013: Chancellor's Fellowships
Exciting opportunities for talented postdoctoral scientists at the MRC IGMM: April 2013

Systems Medicine Building

IGMM Architects Drawing
A Brief Description of the Project and New Building: May 2013

IN PICTURES: Inside the heart

Inside the Heart Entry
Scientists nationwide submitted videos and images, documenting their research of the heart: July 2013

Athena Swan Bid

IGMM News 2013: Athena SWAN
IGMM to apply for an Athena SWAN Bronze Award: August 2013

Visit of Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal

Chancellor's Visit - Welcome
Princess Anne visits the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre: October 2013

ECDU and Edinburgh University have sealed a deal with the American drugs Giant Eli Lilly

Neil Carragher's Lab
Edinburgh Cancer Discovery Unit make a deal to develop new drugs to fight cancer: October 2013

3D insight into role of genetics in face development

3D Insight into genetic development
A recent study led by scientists from our MRC Human Genetics Unit, has shown that differences in the activity of gene enhancers drive subtle variation in facial development: November 2013

Promotions and Awards 2013

Promotions and Awards
IGMM researchers recognised for outstanding work: December 2013