Institute of Genetics and Cancer

Promotions and Awards 2013

IGMM researchers recognised for outstanding work: December 2013

The outstanding work of IGMM researchers is regularly recognised both within the Institute and by external bodies.

Professor David Porteous FRSE, Director of The Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine and Professor of Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine at The University of Edinburgh, was awarded an OBE for Services to Science in the New Years Honours List 2013.

Congratulations to Professor Porteous and all of the IGMM researchers who have received a promotion or award recently (some of which are highlighted below), they are a great recognition of your hard work and dedication to science.


Andrew Wood has been awarded a prestigious Royal Society/Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellowship, recognising him as an outstanding postdoctoral scientist. His lab investigates how the mechanisms that ensure accurate chromosome segregation during cell division actually achieve this in the course of normal development, and the consequences of their malfunction on normal blood cell development and the transition from normal development to cancer.

Juan-Carlos Acosta received a prestigious CR-UK Career Development Fellowship in May, recognising him as an outstanding scientist at the start of his independent career. The award commenced in October to study the “Characterization of the Senescence Associated Extracellular Matrix (SA-ECM) and its role in cancer progression”.

Recent promotions

We are delighted to congratulate Val Brunton (ECRC, IGMM) on her promotion to Personal Chair,  Andrew Jackson (HGU, IGMM) on his promotion to Professorial Fellow and Pleasantine Mill (HGU, IGMM) or her promotion to a Programme Leader Track position.

These promotions are very well deserved and great recognition of the outstanding contribution each make to their science.

Recent awards

Andrew Jackson was also elected to EMBO membership in May in recognition of research excellence and outstanding achievements in the life sciences.

Kyle Francis won The Pathological Society Sir Alastair Currie Poster Prize in June for his “checkpoint kinase 1 as a poor prognostic ovarian cancer biomarker” poster at the Edinburgh Pathology 2013 Meeting.

Juan Lopez-Baez won a poster prize in July at the 8th International Zebrafish Conference in Barcelona. There were more than 450 posters and over 850 participants, so this is a great achievement highlighting the importance of his work into the discovery of a novel notochord damage response. 

Girish Mali won a prize for best presentation at the Molecular Genetics of Development Workshop at the Institute of Child Health in November.