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Research Café offers an informal space to share research, innovative ideas, methods and concepts for the enhancement of knowledge and enrichment of the academy and the society in which it serves.

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The Research Café enables students, staff and the public to meet and discuss the research work happening at the University of Edinburgh in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Cafés take place throughout the year and we hope to cover as broad an array of research topics as possible.

We are always keen to take suggestions, theme requests, or volunteers to run a café and share their work with a wider audience.

Check back here for future events and news, and view reports on past events.

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Past Events

Research Café: Automated Methods in Systematic Reviews (7 November 2023)

  • Presentation 1: Systematic reviews at scale

Presenter: Malcolm Macleod (Co-Director, Edinburgh Neuroscience, Academic Lead for Research Improvement and Research Integrity)

Summary: Malcolm discussed various roles for systematic reviews, the concept of 'Publomics' to produce a compressed intelligence, and discussed some of the validated tools available to support these endeavours.


  • Presentation 2: Building an automated evidence summary of genetic animal research

Presenter: Emma Wilson (PhD Student working with CAMARADES and SIDB (Simons Initiative for the Developing Brain))

Summary: Emma introduced NDC-SOLES an online resource which uses automated tools and machine learning approaches to systematically collect, synthesise, and display experimental evidence in genetically-modified animal models of neurodevelopmental conditions.


  • Presentation 3: Automating Systematic Reviews with AI

Presenters: Andrew Horne (Project Manager at Edina) and Mattia Opper (PhD in AI at Informatics)

Summary: Edina (at the University of Edinburgh) have been developing a variety of AI techniques to speed up all aspects of Systematic Reviews. Andrew Horne and Mattia Opper presented on work with the Vet, Engineering and Medicine areas where they've been able to improve review time by up to a factor of 10.


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