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Edinburgh Open Research Conference 2023

On May 15th 17th the University of Edinburgh Library Research Support Team and grassroots organisation Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea are once again joined forces to run the Edinburgh Open Research Conference 2023. 

Edinburgh University is committed to making Open Research the new normal. In this year’s gathering, our focus was on the ways in which Open Research practices can positively support efforts to address global challenges - whether with respect to sustainability and the climate crisis, decolonising research, advancing healthcare, or any other area. The conference provided an opportunity  people from across the UK and further afield to come together to discuss how adopting the open research principles of open access, fairness, participation in research, and open data can ensure that our work can help to address these global challenges.

 2023 Programmes



Recordings from past conferences (2023 and 2022) are available on our MediaHopper page. Slides are available alongside each video as 'Attachments', or can be viewed separately on our the Edinburgh Open Research Journal page.

Download the slides from the conference on the Edinburgh Open Research Journal  page

​View the recordings from the 2023 and 2022 Open Research Conference on MediaHopper

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Edinburgh Open Research Conference 2023

The University’s Library Research Support Team ran the 2nd Edinburgh Open Research Conference on the 15th - 17th May at the John McIntyre Conference Centre and Online.

John McIntyre Conference Centre