Information Services

Saving your files

At the login screen the following self-explanatory but important warning image should be visible:

Saving Files Warning

Redirected folders

The main grey folders mentioned above (Desktop, Documents, Movies, Music and Pictures) are not local to the Mac when you log in, but are redirected to ones inside your 'Network home' server space (aka the M:\ drive on Windows). This allows them to be backed up automatically. You can access the Network home space via the globe icon in the dock.

Accessing the OneDrive web interface

  1. Click the OneDrive cloud icon in the dock to open your OneDrive interface.
  2. Here, you can create folders and add files via the Upload button or by dragging files to the web page.

You have 1TB of space in your OneDrive to use. For more info on the service, please visit:

Introducing OneDrive

User account retention policy on lab Macs

User accounts on University lab Macs are cleared at each restart, one of which happens automatically every night.

If you save in any location on the Mac other than those specified, your files will not be backed up and will be lost after at least 1 day.