Information Services

Open-access computers

In dedicated rooms, plus libraries and cafes

Information Services provides open-access computers across campus for use by students, staff and visitors to the University. Specialist multimedia and IT facilities are also provided in uCreate located in the Main Library and in the Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library at King’s Buildings.

Flexible Learning Spaces

Flexible Learning Spaces are a brand new edition to our open-access computer learning spaces. You can find them on the Second Floor in the Main Library and use them with no booking required.


Locations of open-access computers managed by Information Services.

Availability of open-access computers

Live statistics indicating the number of open-access computers free for use are available via a range of media.


Open-access computers can be used by all matriculated students, staff and certain categories of visitors to the University of Edinburgh.

Conditions of use

Users of the open-access computers are requested to abide by the following rules.


A standard suite of software is provided for PCs and Apple Macs in all of the open-access computers.

Using open-access computers

Windows 10 and Macintosh open-access computers