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Mapping a network share in Windows

How to connect to a Windows network share.

If you do not know the path of the network drive you need to map, please contact your local admin team or the IS Helpline. For the path to your personal homespace, please visit:

My homespace info


On the University's supported Windows 10 desktop

Your main network shares should automatically be connected and visible under Start > Computer > This PC, and your personal homespace is mapped to the M:\ drive in that location. To add extra shares not already mapped, please start from step 2 below.

If you are off-campus, your managed Windows laptop should still map your M:\ and U:\ drives via DirectAccess without needing to use the VPN service.

The U:\ drive is the starting point to find shared folders on the University's DataStore for your School or department.


On non-supported Windows machines

  1. Register for, set up and connect to the University Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to authenticate your computer:

Connecting to the VPN Service

  1. Click Start > Documents > This PC > Computer (at the top-left), select Map network drive and choose any available letter.
  2. In the Folder box, type the share's path, e.g.


  1. Select Reconnect at logon and Connect using different credentials and click Finish.
  2. Enter your University username in the format ED\username and put in your University password. For example, ED\s1234567 or ED\jbloggs
  3. Select Remember my credentials and press OK.


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