Information Services

Entitlement and Sign-up

Details of who can sign up for EASE, and how to do so.


Type of user How they receive their initial EASE sign-up details
  • Staff or Visitors
Via email or letter from School office or HR department.
  • Student applicants
Via email or letter from University Student admissions department during application process.
  • Alumni
Either continue using original student EASE login or update your alumni details to receive a login.
  • Guests
  1. Create an EASE Friend (limited service) account using a non-University email address.
  2. Have an existing staff member or student invite you.

Signing up

Type of user How to sign up
  • Staff
  • Visitors
  • Student applicants
  • Alumni

Sign up for EASE

Sign up for EASE TEST

Invite an EASE Friend

  • Guests

Create an EASE Friend account

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