Information Services

Computing Infrastructure

Computing Infrastructure provides the hardware and services that other systems and services are built on.

File and disk storage services

Information Services provides a number of file and disk storage services. These include file servers, file backup, long-term archive and ftp services. Some of these services are provided by Storage Area Networks (SANs).


Details of the network services available on the University EdLAN network.

Authentication and authorisation

Authentication is the means by which you log in and identify yourself. Authorisation is the means by which a service determines whether an authenticated person should have access to a service.


Support arrangements for systems and services using the Unix/Linux Operating System.

Virtual hosting

The virtual hosting service provides a managed platform for hosting Windows, Linux and Unix services on a highly resilient virtualisation platform based on VMware.

Cloud Computing Service

An OpenStack service to provide a platform to self-provision server infrastructure to support both researchers and development teams.