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Your University Login

Your University Login (formerly 'EASE') is our reduced-sign-on service, providing access to various restricted resources.

Visiting a protected website directs you to, where you can log in with Your University Login credentials and return to the desired content, remaining authenticated for up to 16 hours on the same login. Many users may simply know the password they use with protected websites as their 'University password' or their 'MyEd password'.

Entitlement and Sign-up

EASE Eligibility
Details of who can sign up for a University Login, and how to do so.

University Login password reset tools

Reset Your University Login password and associated details.

Memorable Word

EASE Second Challenge
Additional security for staff using EUCLID and BI Suite.

Frequently-asked Questions (FAQs)

EASE FAQs logo
A set of University Login FAQs and guidance.

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