Information Services

Deprecated Environments

With the constant advances in web and hosting technologies, Information Services are committed to contiuously improving and developing our web hosting service. In order to facilitate this, we must plan to decommission our legacy and deprecated hosting environments.


Morse is a very old Unix-based hosting environment that has been in place for an extended period of time. As a result it has a very extensive collection of websites ranging from school/department sites to externally funded research sites. A full list of the websites hosted on Morse is available at:

We plan to decommission the Morse hosting environment within the next calendar year. We are encouraging customers who have content hosted on Morse to contact us and inform us whether their website is still required and/or to request a hosting account on our new Linux based environment in order to migrate their content.

A propsed timetable for the decomissionsing of Morse is illustrated in the table below:

Note - These dates are targets and are not definite.

Morse Decommission Plan
Planned Event Planned Date/Status
Domain config freeze Currently in Place
Full content freeze Planned - 01/04/2013
Support Level decrease (best efforts) Planned - 01/04/2013
Server taken offline Planned - 01/06/2013
Archive & Shutdown Planned - 01/07/2013

Other Deprecated Environments

Morse is currently the priority service for decomissioning. There are, however, several other environments that we will be looking to decommission after Morse. These include:

  • Marzipan (Homepages)
  • MorseToo (Ultraseek)
  • UCS-Sequel