Information Services

Availability, entitlement and charging

Who can use the testing service

The User Testing Service can be used by all business areas, schools and colleges and is available during core hours 9am-5pm basis, Monday to Friday

Access to the service is arranged by Project Managers on a project by project basis.


Use of the  User Testing Service is charged for use by areas outside of Information Services and for non-compliance projects.

The current cost is £25 per user per calendar month.

Charges billed quarterly by eIT and are payable by the business area funding the project using the service. For users active on multiple projects at the same time, costs will be split equally between the projects.

Note - Charges apply if a user was set to active at any point duing a calendar month, regardless of whether they have accessed or used the service. Project Managers are expected to maintain start and end dates for their testers.


To make a request to use the sevce please fill in the form at: 

Request to use TestRail

To make enquiries about the service please contact the IS Helpline: