Information Services

Application Development

These services provide a range of components covering design, development and support of software applications and project management.

Application Support Service

The Application Support service provides management of University computing application programs and their underlying server environments.

ID Management

The Identity Management Service (IDM) collects data about staff, students, visitors and alumni and distributes this identity data to services such as EASE and MyEd for the purpose of setting up user accounts and authorisations.

Application Hosting

This service provides a central hosting environment that encompasses a range of solutions, from simple HTML websites through to resilient application and database hosting. It also includes the hosting of third party applications required by the University.

Visitor Registration System

The Visitor Registration System (VRS) is an administrative system, developed to record the presence of visitors on University property and provide them with access to a wide range of computer systems and facilities such as library services.

Application Usability Service

Usability is the extent to which users can access the functionality of a system with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction to achieve specific goals. Employing user-centered design processes helps ensure that products or systems are highly usable and meet users' needs.

Document Management

This service offers a Document and Workflow Management solution to provide a scaleable and robust system, enabling clients to manage all their documents and records regardless of format or volume.

Project Management

The Project Management service offers high quality project management and business analysis skills to help you successfully deliver your projects. The service also includes a range of project management tools, training options and consultancy for staff with project management responsibilities.

Software Development

The Software Development Service provides software design, development and deployment services for the University. The systems we build range from small bespoke applications to enterprise services and include administrative systems, software for research projects, and teaching systems.

System Design and Implementation Service

The System Design and Implementation Service provides design, analysis and deployment of server hardware, databases, application servers and web servers.

User Testing Service

An end-to-end, fully supported user testing service offered by Development Services to help improve your project.