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Using the service

Where, when and how to use and access the User Testing Service.

When to use the User Testing Service

The service is typically used during the user acceptance testing (UAT) phase of any project that is involved in making changes to a service where end users need to confirm that the solution is delivering the expected results. This might be for example a system upgrade, a full software development and release or possibly an existing service where browser testing is required.

How to use the User Testing Service

The service is currently based on a product called TestRail. There is a useful video training course and comprehensive guidance notes available on the TestRail website:

TestRail Video Training Course

TestRail User Guide

Accessing the Service

Access to the Testing Service is arranged by Project Managers on a project by project basis. If you believe you should have access or should be using the service for an existing project, please check with your Project Manager.

For those who already have access, the User Testing Service can be accessed here:

Launch the User Testing Service

Project Managers who would like to make use of the Testing Service should fill in the request form linked below:

Request to use the User Testing Service for a Project