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Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services is a unit of the IT Infrastructure division of Information Services, providing virtualised server and storage hosting and support for Unix/Linux server, Windows Server and OSX Server based infrastructure to the University and a range of other services running on these platforms.

About Us

The Enterprise Services Section in Information Services provides a range of technical services to the University hosted on Windows Server, OS X, Unix and Linux systems. We also provide storage services hosted on our Storage Area Networks. Most of our server infrastructure is delivered on a virtualisation platform providing an on-premise cloud service. We also manage datacentres housing the IT infrastructure for Information Services Group.


Enterprise Services provides a range of technical services involving the Windows Server, Unix, OSX Server and Linux platforms.

Staff list

Enterprise Services staff contact details.

Contacting Us

We are a technical section within IS so mostly we deal with computing support officers and user support. We can be contacted via email, phone, Unidesk or in person.