Information Services


Enterprise Services provides a range of technical services involving the Windows Server, Unix, OSX Server and Linux platforms.

Facilities Management

This is the management of hardware and the operating system software up to, but not including, the application layer. Our customers are other university departments and affiliated organisations. We currently manage:

  • installation and management of the server and storage systems hardware mainly delivered through virtualised infrastructure
  • installation and maintenance of the operating system on these servers, including monitoring through Microsoft Operations Manager and Zenoss
  • Windows update service
  • the database, data warehouse and web applications servers for the IS Applications Division
  • document repository systems  for the University Library and the Scottish Digital Libraries Consortium
  • Data Library systems on behalf the EDINA National Data Centre and the Digitial Curation Centre
  • storage facilities for data and its backup on our two Storage Area Networks
  • managed Linux/Unix services for internal and external bodies
  • the virtual hosting service providing a service supporting virtual machines

University computing infrastructure

  • central email services including the Edinburgh mail directory and mailing lists, virus and spam management, mail routing and the staffmail mail service
  • academic UNIX computing central service on a Oracle/Sun server named fireworks
  • the Kerberos network authentication system including the EASE reduced sign-on service
  • an Active Directory service
  • ADFS
  • the Open Directory service, used for the administration of managed Macintosh computers, as well as managing OSX based servers for other units within the University.
  • an LDAP directory providing a central authorisation service
  • the University's proxy web caches
  • a file backup service
  • PCounter print service for pinter management and accounting
  • managing University wide computer security procedures
  • X.509 certificate signing
  • NTP Network time service
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) infrastructure
  • Shibboleth and JISC Assent federated access management
  • LCFG configuration management service for Linux and Managed MacOS services
  • Puppet and terraform configuration management and infrastructure instantiation
  • gitlab source and configuration information repository service

Other Services

We also provide consultancy services on the use of Windows, MacOS, Unix and Linux systems, email, web applications, authentication, authorisation and directory services. In addition:

  • system monitoring and alerting
  • support of the Information Service's internal Unix and Window servers and workstations
  • software porting and development
  • software/hardware demonstration and assistance with procurement
  • maintaining local virus definition update mirrors. These servers provide local updates for both the McAfee and Sophos anti-virus products used by the Linux, Windows and Macintosh computers within the University.