Human Resources

Employee self-service

How to access and use Employee Self Service

Employee self-service (ESS) is a web-based application which gives an employee the ability to update their personal details and view their payslip.

This service is available to employees who are on the main monthly payroll.

Online Payslips

Staff can view their payslips in employee self service.

Accessing employee self-service

Your username is your staff universal username (UUN) that you use to login to other services such as email.

When logging in for the first time, your password will not be recognised as the Oracle login page is not single sign on. For example, if you attempt to login with your staff UUN (e.g. jbloggs1) and then use the same password you use to log into myED or EASE, this will result in an error.

To remedy this, please click on Forgotten Password and enter your UUN in the User Name box and click on Forgot password button. This will send an email to your staff email account, which will include a link to allow you to change your password.

Please note: Student UUN’s (e.g. s12345) and the formats "", "Firstname.Lastname" and "ed\UUN" are not valid usernames and will produce an error.

If you are a staff member and do not have a staff email account, please phone 0131 650 8126 for assistance with gaining your login details.

If you are a staff member and you do have a staff email account but are unsure what your login details are, please use the Forgotten Password feature.

Further information can be viewed on the Accessing Employee Self Service page.

Updating information

Whilst using ESS, staff can update the following.

Main home address: This is for home addresses only. If more than one home address is to be recorded, please contact HR Systems team.

Phone numbers: Staff can record as many phone numbers as they wish. (e.g. home, work and mobile). Please note, if you record your Work phone number in this screen, it will not disseminate to other University systems. If you need to update your Work phone number to allow University systems to capture this, please refer to Telephones webpage.

Contacts: Employees can nominate people to be contacted on their behalf. This includes Next Of Kin (NOK) in case of emergency.

User Guide

The ESS user guide has step by step instructions.

Data security

ESS uses the secure sockets layer (SSL) technology to allow for secure exchange of data between the client and server. Similar technology is used for internet banking and online shopping websites.