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Programme description

Our innovative online MSc in Ancient Worlds allows students across the world to take advantage of the remarkable range of expertise available at the University of Edinburgh.

The programme provides you with the opportunity to explore the human past, from early prehistory to late antiquity through a diverse range of courses and independent research. You will be taught online through our virtual learning environment, and will have access to extensive digital resources and support services.

Why study with us? 

On our online MSc in Ancient Worlds, you will be invited to conceptualise your own place in today’s world against the backdrop of earlier societies that were different to ours and their legacy to the modern world in the form of cultural, philosophical or other achievements. You will also learn how the study of ancient cultures can contribute to current debates on, among others, the impact of climate change and problems related to socio-economic inequality.

The programme has been developed specifically for students who wish to further their study in Archaeology, Classics or a combination of both. It brings researchers together to exchange ideas and to offer a range of thematic, as well as regionally specific courses.

Our highly experienced staff, with a wide range of specialisms and expertise, will help you choose a relevant subject for your dissertation, and enhance your skills in independent research and critical analysis.

If you have recently graduated and would like to continue your studies, are considering a return to education, or wish to retrain, or pursue a personal interested in the study of the Ancient World, this programme could work for you. The MSc provides the ideal balance between a busy life and studying towards an internationally recognised graduate qualification, without the disruption, or expense, of relocation.


Flexibility of study

The scope of modules available was wonderful - I think I could have studied the programme twice over with the number of modules that interested me and that I would have liked to have studied.

AnneMSc in Ancient Worlds (Online Learning) Graduate

Thanks to our state-of-the-art e-learning software and extensive digital resources, the programme is delivered entirely online. This enables you to manage work, childcare or other personal commitments whilst studying at your own pace and developing your own specialised interest under the expert guidance of our distinguished academics. 

You will benefit from the flexible structure of the programme which allows you to earn a graduate certificate, diploma, or MSc by completing a skills training course and specialised option courses.


How does online learning work?

This short video introduces you to how online learning works at the University of Edinburgh.

Video: How does online learning work
How does online learning work