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The combination of our leading academics, wide ranging topics, flexible study options and first-class virtual environment guarantees a rich learning experience. But don’t just take our word for it - have a look at what some of our students have to say.


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Cherie, a MSc Ancient Worlds recent graduate, returned to education and a pace that suited her. She is now studying towards a PhD.

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Anne, a mature student, was drawn to the MSc in Ancient Worlds (Online Learning) as it allowed her to follow her interests while managing a busy life.

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Sabú, an online MSc Ancient Worlds student, talks about reading during the summer months to prepare for the academic term ahead.

Video: HCA Mastering Work-Life-Study Harmony During Summer
Student describes their process of preparing for the academic year ahead.


Interview with Neil, online MSc History student from China, about his experience studying online while living in Canberra, Australia.

Video: HCA OL Interview with Neil - OL History MSc student
Interview with Neil Drao, online MSc History Student


Mark, a member of the Royal Canadian Navy, wanted to study while working full-time. The timings, flexibility, and relationships he developed with staff and students are his highlights.


Jalyn, a lover of British History, dreamt of studying at an ancient University. She was able to celebrate her graduation with her young family.


Derek was attracted to the MSc in History (Online Learning) after attending on online open day. He praised the technical support, the online facilities and the virtual library services.


John lives in South Carolina, USA, where he is an assistant professor teaching comparative politics and international relations. With two MA degrees and a PhD already under his belt, John continued to pursue his interest in History by enrolling on the Online MSc History programme from which he graduated in 2017. In this video he talks about his experiences of being an online student and why he chose the University of Edinburgh.


Sandra, a part-time student from Austria, chose our online programme because of its breadth and scope and the use of new technologies which allowed her to study with us from her home in Vienna.


John, a student on the on-campus taught MSc in Modern British and Irish History took the online course ‘The Origins of the First World War’ as a substitute module for his on-campus MSc. John aims to progress to further doctoral research following his MSc.



Mike lives in Canada and graduated from the University of Toronto in 1995. After a long period out of education Mike decided to pursue his passion for History and chose the programme as it suited his work and family commitments.


Chris lives in America and has now completed his MSc in History by online learning. As a parent who works full time, Chris was attracted to the flexibility provided by the course. He was also excited at the prospect of studying under one of his favourite 19th century Americanists, David Silkenat. 

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Read John's student interview to learn more about what stood out to him about the programme.