Postgraduate Students


Our online courses incorporate a range of assignments which may include discussion forum tasks, source reviews, article reviews and recordings of oral presentations.

The final piece of coursework may often be an essay, which can constitute a high proportion of the overall mark for the course, which is submitted at the end of each course. Often you can design your own essay topic, provided it has been approved in discussion with the course organiser.

Essays and reviews are submitted and marked electronically using an online system called 'Turnitin' which is integrated with our e-learning platform.


Taster course

Studying online is a new experience for some, so we’ve designed a taster course to give you a better insight into what you can expect as a student in our virtual classroom. This taster course allows you to view our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) known as ‘Learn’ and to see for yourself how we teach on the programme. The sample course is based on one of Dr Jo Rowland's courses: 'Ancient Egyptian Religion and the Afterlife'.

Access the taster course.