Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Affiliated Staff

Details of academic staff affiliated with the Centre

Members (academic staff):
  1. Bill Aird - Western Europe in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, in particular the history of the 'Norman diaspora' (HCA)
  2. Glaire Anderson - Islamic art and architecture during the age of the caliphs (ECA)
  3. Kate Ash-Irisarri - Scottish and English medieval literature and history of emotions (LLC)
  4. Cordelia Beattie - Women and gender in Britain and Ireland, 1300-1700 (HCA)
  5. Philip Bennett - medieval French language, literature and culture with special interest in epic poetry and courtly romance (LLC)
  6. Steve Boardman - Late medieval Scotland (HCA)
  7. Stephen Bowd - Italian renaissance war, politics, religion and culture (HCA)
  8. Tom Brown - Social history of Byzantine Italy, early medieval urban history (HCA)
  9. Jill Burke - Italian Renaissance visual culture (HCA)
  10. Simon Burton - Reformation history.  'Late medieval theology and Renaissance Platonism' (Divinity)
  11. Lucinda Byatt – early modern Italy (LLC)
  12. Ian Campbell - Late medieval and early modern architectural theory and practice in Italy and Scotland (ECA)
  13. Sarah Carpenter - Medieval and Tudor literature and drama (LLC)
  14. Mike Carr - Medieval Mediterranean history c. 1000-1500, especially crusades and cross-cultural trade (HCA)
  15. Yashaswini Chandra – Arts of Early Modern India (ECA)
  16. Roger CollinsMonasticism in the Iberian Peninsula in the Early Middle Ages; the Christian culture of Islamic Spain (HCA)
  17. Kirsty Day - Social and cultural history of medieval religion, especially gender and Central Europe (HCA)
  18. Hope Doherty-Harrison – medieval art history (ECA)
  19. Jo Edge - late medieval and early modern European social and cultural history, with an emphasis on medicine and the ‘occult’ sciences (HCA)
  20. Jamie Forde - visual culture and archaeology of prehispanic and colonial (i.e., medieval to early modern) Latin America (ECA)
  21. Adam Fox- Economic, social and cultural history of early modern Britain (HCA)
  22. Niels Gaul - Byzantine studies (HCA)
  23. Joachim Gentz - Chinese philosophy and religions, text and commentary, ritual and divination, and theories of cultural and religious studies (LLC)
  24. Julian Goodare - Early modern Scottish government, finance and politics and the European and Scottish witch-hunt (HCA)
  25. Daryl Green - Head of Heritage Collections (Research & Curatorial) (CRC)
  26. Judith GreenEngland and Normandy in the eleventh and twelfth centuries (HCA)
  27. Felicity Green - Early modern intellectual history (HCA)
  28. Lucy Grigsociety, culture and religion of  the Roman world, with a particular focus on Late Antiquity (HCA)
  29. Amelia Hope Jones - Late medieval and early modern Italian and Byzantine visual culture (ECA)
  30. Gavin Kelly- Latin literature and political history in late antiquity; transmission of Latin classics (HCA)
  31. Mahmood Kooria - medieval Indian Ocean and Islamic worlds (HCA)
  32. Arne Kruse - Viking studies, place-name research and Scandinavian language history (LLC)
  33. Elizabeth Quarmby Lawrence – the Early Modern book and the Early Modern library (CRC)
  34. Sam Leggett - early medieval archaeology (HCA)
  35. Ming Liu - Anglo-Norman history, especially mobility and intellectual exchange (HCA)
  36. Yuqing Liu - Medieval Chinese literature (LLC)
  37. James Loxley- Politics of discourse in seventeenth century Britain and Ireland (LLC)
  38. Alan Macniven - Viking studies, place-name research and Old Norse society and literature (LLC)
  39. Nik Matheou - Economic & Social History in the Global Middle Ages; Armenians and the Caucasus; Mongol World-Empire (HCA)
  40. Megan McNamee - Art and science in medieval and early Renaissance Europe; temporality; manuscripts (ECA)
  41. Esther Mijers - Early modern Scottish history, Republic of Letters and early Enlightenment (HCA)
  42. Zubin Mistry - Early medieval religion, politics and society; health and medicine (c. 500-1000) (HCA)
  43. Catriona Murray - Visual and material culture in early modern Britain (ECA)
  44. Jenny Nex - Music Instruments and Music (ECA)
  45. Halle O'Neal - Japanese art (ECA)
  46. Noel O'Regan - Sacred music and musical patronage in 16th- and early 17th-century Italy (ECA)
  47. Richard Oosterhoff - Renaissance and early modern history of science and culture (HCA)
  48. Eoin Price – Early Modern English Literature (LLC)
  49. Heather Pulliam - Early Medieval Art: particular interests in eco-critical and phenomenological approaches (ECA)
  50. Meha Priyadarshini - Early modern global history and material culture studies (HCA)
  51. Gianluca Raccagni - Western Europe in the central Middle Ages especially political culture, crusades, and the Italian cities (HCA)
  52. Alasdair Raffe - Religion, politics and ideas in early modern Scotland (HCA)
  53. Salam Rassi - medieval Islamicate intellectual history (Divinity)
  54. Eberhard Sauer - Roman Empire and more recently also Sasanian Persia (HCA)
  55. Fionnuala Sinclair - Medieval French, Occitan and Italian literature and culture; gender; cultural identity  (LLC)
  56. Richard Sowerby - Cultural history of early medieval Europe (HCA)
  57. Yannis Stouraitis - Byzantine history (HCA)
  58. Justin Stover - Medieval Latin, palaeography and manuscript studies, Classical tradition (HCA)
  59. Suzanne Trill - Early Modern English and Scottish Women's Writing and Gender (LLC) 
  60. Sonia Tycko - early modern England and the Atlantic world, with a focus on social and legal history (HCA)
  61. Jessica Varsallona - Byzantine material and visual culture – Cross-cultural interaction with Medieval and Renaissance Italy (HCA)
  62. Greg Walker - Literary, dramatic and political history of the late medieval period and 16th century (LLC)
  63. Emily Ward - Scotland and western Europe, c.1000-1300, especially rulership, elite women, childhood and youth (HCA)
  64. Charles West - European History, c. 700-c. 1100, esp. Carolingian and post-Carolingian Francia (HCA)
  65. Alice Wickenden – early modern literature (LLC)
  66. Luca Zenobi - Italy and Europe, 1300-1600: space, movement, communication and the environment (HCA)