Dr Justin Stover (PhD)

Senior Lecturer; Medieval Latin


After an undergraduate career in classics at a small college in Virginia, where I had the privilege of studying such arcana as Roman agrarian writers, medieval angelology, and Counter-Reformation era Latin works, I pursued a doctorate in medieval Latin at Harvard University, where I wrote a dissertation on Plato in the Latin west in the twelfth century. I then moved to these shores to take up a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at All Souls College of the University of Oxford, whence to Edinburgh I came at the beginning of 2017.

Undergraduate teaching

Topic in Latin Literature 1

Postgraduate teaching

Elementary Latin (PG)

Research summary


  • Britain & Ireland
  • Europe
  • Mediterranean
  • Near East
  • Scotland


  • Ancient Civilisations
  • Ideas
  • Language & Literature


  • Antiquity
  • Medieval & Renaissance
  • Early Modern

Research interests

My research explores the dissemination of the written heritage of antiquity in manuscript form in the post-classical period. I am interested in the ways in which classical texts were read, reused, and recopied in the medieval world, and how in turn those texts came finally to the age of print.

There still many things to be learned, even about classical literature, by looking at manuscripts  - new texts to be discovered, new attributions to be made, new datings to be established. In the past, my work in this area has focused on Latin philosophical texts transmitted in the twelfth and thirteenth century – including a previously unpublished work by Apuleius – and on late-antique texts transmitted in continental insular centres in the ninth century.

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Books - Authored

Stover, J. and Woudhuysen, G. (forthcoming) The Lost History of Sextus Aurelius Victor. Edinburgh University Press

Books - Edited

Stover, J. (ed.) (2015) A New Work by Apuleius: The Lost Third Book of the De Platone. Oxford; New York: Oxford University PressDOI: https://doi.org/10.1093/actrade/9780198735748.book.1


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Stover, J. and Woudhuysen, G. (2022) Historiarum libri quinque: Hegesippus between Josephus and Sallust. HISTOS, 16

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Stover, J. (forthcoming) Medieval Latin. In: Gibson, R. and Whitton, C. (eds.) The Cambridge Critical Guide to Latin Literature. Cambridge University Press

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