Dr Tom Brown (MA, PhD, FRHistS)

Honorary Fellow; Early MedievalHistory



After graduating from the University of Edinburgh, I completed my PhD. at Nottingham.  I carried out research in Italy at the University of Pavia, and the British School at Rome, and spent two years as a junior fellow at the Dumbarton Oaks Centre for Byzantine studies in Washington DC. After a short stint in publishing, and teaching at various universities including Birmingham and the Australian National University, I moved to Edinburgh in 1980. I retired as a Reader in History in 2016.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Affiliated research centres

Centre for Late Antique, Islamic and Byzantine Studies

Research summary

I have published extensively on the relations between early medieval Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean, continuity and change in the history of cities, especially in the Romano-Byzantine zones of the peninsula, and the impact of ecclesiastical institutions on society.

Current research interests

I am working on a major study of the relations between the city and archbishops of Ravenna with its extensive hinterland in the period ca. 751-1024 CE. I am also interested in: Social, economic and cultural contacts across the early medieval Adriatic, especially Dalmatia. The nature and range of ties between early Sicily and the Byzantine Empire. The comparative history of diverse areas of early medieval Europe which remain predominantly ‘Roman’.


[List of Major Publications


Gentlemen and Officers. Aristocratic Society and Imperial Authority in Byzantine Italy, 554-800 A.D.  (British School at Rome, London, 1984)


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Articles and Chapters published since commencement of Honorary Fellowship in 2016.


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