New Online MSc launches

A new online programme in Archaeology and Classics has recently been launched – MSc in Ancient Worlds.

The University of Edinburgh and the School of History, Classics and Archaeology offer a remarkable range of expertise. This has been brought together in the MSc in Ancient Worlds programme, offered entirely online. Students will explore the human past, from early prehistory to late antiquity through a diverse range of courses and independent research.

Dr Benedikt Eckhardt, Co-Programme Director (Classics) said, “Greece or Rome cannot be understood in isolation. There were many ancient worlds in constant interaction with each other, and our program does full justice to this.”

“The MSc in Ancient Worlds, with its diverse course offerings is an exciting opportunity to focus in on your specialist area of interest, or explore various regions and time periods of human history,” said Dr Joanne Rowland, Ancient Worlds Co-Programme Director (Archaeology). “It could also be a great stepping stone onto research – possibly within a PhD programme.”

Dr Eckhardt introduces the programme:


The deadline for applications to the MSc in Ancient Worlds is 20 July, 2020.


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