Fields of Conflict Conference

Information on the Fields of Conflict Conference postponed from September 2020.

A statement from the organisers of the Fields of Conflict Conference, postponed from September 2020:

The challenges of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic mean than we have taken longer than intended to make a decision about the Fields of Conflicts conference. Last year we were hoping that an in-person meeting may be possible in 2021, but that is clearly not the case. Many other conferences have decided to go virtual, and while this is an option for us, we are still hoping to host a physical meeting and welcome you to Edinburgh. For that reason we have decided on one more postponement, until 2022. Later this year (by early autumn 2021) we will have a better idea whether this is a solid plan, depending on global vaccination rates, viral mutation, etc. and will hopefully be able to fix a date. We hope you can bear with us, and we will give and update as soon as we have more concrete plans.