Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz awarded Leverhulme Research Project Grant

The School was very pleased to hear that Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz has been awarded a 3-year Leverhulme Research Project Grant. 

HCA Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz
Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz

The project, entitled “Beyond Walls: Reassessing Iron Age and Roman Encounters in Northern Britain”, will analyse the transformation of settlement patterns and lifestyles in an area extending c. 40 km south of Hadrian’s Wall to c. 40 km north of the Antonine Wall. In order to contextualise the impact of the Roman influence, the work will adopt a long-term perspective from 500 BC to AD 500 to facilitate the study of changes and continuities before, during, and after the period of direct Roman presence in the region. This will be done in collaboration with the project co-applicants Dr Derek Hamilton (Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre) and Dave Cowley (Historic Environment Scotland), and with the support of two postdoctoral research assistants.  

The project will focus on rationalising existing survey and excavation data, generating new information through remote sensing and palaeoenvironmental research, and undertaking an ambitious programme of radiocarbon dating and modelling in order to refine existing chronological frameworks. This combined strategy will produce more robust and nuanced narratives about Roman and indigenous interactions, as well as contribute to the wider subject of cultural encounters on the edges of empires. 

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The School sends its warmest congratulations to Dr Fernández-Götz on his award. 


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