Archaeological field school in the heart of Edinburgh

A brand new field school offers archaeological training in Edinburgh's Holyrood Park.

HCA Arthur's Seat seen from Holyrood Park
Arthur's Seat seen from Holyrood Park

A brand new research collaboration between The University of Edinburgh, Historic Environment Scotland, AOC Archaeology and CFA Archaeology kicked off in Edinburgh's Holyrood park this week. Holyrood Park Field School will run for three weeks, providing intensive training for archaeological undergraduates in essential archaeological survey and excavation skills.

Students will receive hands-on instruction from experienced commercial archaeology staff in essential archaeological field skills including tape and total station field survey, photogrammetry and excavation. 

The project aims to conduct an appropriate programme of field survey that would provide an ongoing condition assessment and erosion survey of the archaeological sites within Holyrood Park, and to conduct small-scale archaeological excavations on selected sites in the Park

HCA LiDAR image of Arthur's Seat from above
LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) image of Arthur's Seat from above showing traces of archaeology

Dr Jon Henderson, Chancellors Fellow in Global Challenges within the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, said: "The aim of the project is to assess the impacts of erosion to archaeological sites caused by increasing visitor numbers to the park every year. There is currently a skills gap in Scottish archaeology where there is a high demand for graduates with basic practical field skills, and hopefully Holyrood Field School will begin to change this."

Students taking part in the fieldschool will blog every day, outling the activities - and, possibly, finds - from that day on the School's website (see below).


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