Go Abroad

Finding a traineeship

It is your responsibility to find a traineeship, but we can provide information and guidance on how to find work abroad.

Can you help me find a traineeship?

The Go Abroad Office does not have a restricted list of organisations to which you can apply.

The Erasmus + Traineeship scheme offers a great degree of flexibility – you can claim funding to work in a wide range of organisations, from schools to charities and public or private companies (for further details on eligible organisations, go to our What is an Erasmus+ Traineeship page).

It is your responsibility to secure a placement before you apply for funding.  You can only apply for Erasmus + Traineeship funding once you have received confirmation from your employer that your traineeship has been secured.

There are several ways in which the University can support you in your search for the perfect placement:

The Careers Service


Find up-to-date vacancies for paid jobs and internships in Europe on MyCareerHub. Search “Erasmus” to find opportunities eligible for Erasmus funding.


The Careers Service also runs Employ.ed Overseas, which offers international paid summer work experience opportunities. Other online resources are available through the Careers Service and you can pop into one of their offices for one-to-one advice on finding and applying for traineeships.

Using your University network

If you’re looking for a traineeship within your field of specialisation, it is a good idea to speak to your supervisor or school exchange coordinator, as they might be able to recommend overseas organisations that are relevant for your degree.

Look for academic publications in your subject – which institutions or private companies are involved? Can you contact them directly?

Don’t underestimate the importance of networking with fellow students. Meet international students with EUSA Global, join student societies in your subject and connect with University of Edinburgh students who are already on exchange via our Go Abroad Facebook group.

Useful links

The following websites advertise internships position in Europe in various work sectors, from volunteering to teaching and technical placements.

Keep an eye out for the latest job vacancies and check the Careers Service website for resources on how to write the perfect application.

The following links may be helpful as a starting point when looking for work placements, internships, voluntary roles and other projects in Europe.