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Funding, fees and costs for placements

The options for funding during your placement and costs you should consider.


Whether you will be eligible for funding for your placement may depend on whether it is mandatory for you to do the placement abroad, or whether you have the option to do it in the UK.  It may also depend on whether you meet certain widening access criteria.

In order to receive funding, your placement will need to meet certain Turing Scheme eligibility criteria. The Turing Scheme is the UK Government’s national mobility scheme which provides funding for students working or studying overseas. 

To meet the Turing Scheme eligibility criteria, your placement should not be less than 28 days’ duration, may not take place in your normal country of residence, and must be undertaken in person (not online). 

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Payment for work or research placements

Placements may be paid or unpaid – this is at the discretion of the placement provider. Please note that SWAY does not have any power to negotiate payment with placement providers for you.  It is your responsibility to negotiate payment with placement providers or employers and ensure that you can afford to undertake a placement. 

Language school fees

If you will be studying at a language school, the Year Abroad Coordinator in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) can advise you about arrangements for the payment of your host school’s fees

Email the LLC Year Abroad Coordinator:

Costs and fees 

It's really important to consider all the costs of your placement, research how things will work regarding your University of Edinburgh tuition fees and any support from your student funding body, and budget for your time abroad. 

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