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Housing arrangements vary from institution to institution. Your accommodation is your responsibility so try to make your arrangements early to avoid stress on arrival.

At most host universities you can choose to live on or off campus, although there are some which require you to live on campus.

Many universities offer university accommodation, but it may not be guaranteed.

Other universities may not have student residences so you must find private accommodation.

Where you choose to live is your decision and your responsibility. Whatever you choose, make sure you read the small print. Beware of paying any fees upfront and be aware that when you sign a contract you have made a commitment that you may not be able to get out of.

University accommodation

Your host university should let you know whether they offer housing, how you can apply and the application deadlines. University accommodation is often oversubscribed so if you should apply as early as possible after you have accepted your place. Make sure you meet the accommodation application deadline at your host University.

Whether or not you choose to stay in university accommodation is up to you - some students prefer to because it's often easier and cheaper than finding private accommodation.

There's also a ready-made social life, as you will often be housed with other students from all over Europe - on the down side, this may make it more difficult to immerse yourself in the language and culture of your host country.

University residences may vary in quality, even at the same institution. Don't assume that the accommodation will be well equipped or convenient for travel to and from your host university. The standards of accommodation may not be what you are used to, so do as much research into what's on offer as you can before committing.

It's worth trying to get in touch with students who've studied at your host university before to find out what they would recommend.

Private accommodation

If you are looking for private accommodation, there are a number of websites which may be helpful before your departure. Edinburgh Global cannot endorse any of these but former exchange students have recommended the following websites as places to look.

Please note that some of these agencies may charge a fee.

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Financial assistance with accommodation costs may be available to students studying in France, via the CAF:

Housing assistance for foreign students in France

Tips on applying for the CAF